2018 Year End Awards Banquet

 The SJO awards banquet will be held on Sunday November 4th at the 3 Mile Project in Grand Rapids. It will run from 1 to 5 p.m. all racers; families and friends are invited to join us.

 The address to the 3 Mile Project is 3050 Walkent Dr. NW, Grand Rapids MI 49544. For more information go to: 3mp.org


2018 SJO Banquet Itinerary

1pm: Doors Open

1-3pm: Open Facility

1:30pm: Start serving food

3pm: Start with door prizes

4pm: Sponsor Awards (shut down games)

Attendance Awards

Series Awards

5pm: Banquet over (begin clean up)

Please note tickets sales are now closed for 2018.

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