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Here are some of the rules for the SJO State Fair Supercross series. We follow the AMA District 14 guidelines, But we have some of our own rules and classes. SJO reserves the right to change or add any rules without notification. 

For 2023 Race CLASSES click HERE

SJO Series Points: 20 Points will be awarded for each 1st overall, 19 for 2nd,18 for 3rd , etc. So, it won’t matter how many racers there are, the same amount of points will be awarded for each place, each race., in the event of a tie at the end of the series, the tiebreaker will be the racer that has the most overall wins, if they have the same number of wins will go to 2nd , then 3rd’, etc. 

You must have 8 races to qualify for the season awards and your best 15 races count for the series points.  (if any races are canceled due to weather or other reasons, this will not change the required # of races needed, so plan accordingly)

Riders under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at the track. (Your uncle, neighbor, friend’s dad is NOT your guardian!) The parent or legal guardian must come to registration with the rider and fill out paperwork and must stay at the track until the rider is done riding for the day. 

If your parent can’t come to the track, they can assign another adult as your guardian for the day (or weekend). Your parent must write a letter like this: 

I assign and authorize Jim Smith to be my son Bobby Johnson’s legal guardian on May 16 and 17, 2010 while he races and/or practices motocross at SJO Productions . In addition, I authorize Jim Smith to complete all necessary registration forms and sign as Bobby’s legal guardian, and I authorize Jim Smith to give emergency medical consent for Bobby if necessary. 

The letter must be notarized! It will not be accepted if it’s not notarized. This is an insurance requirement. We will not jeopardize our insurance by making exceptions. 

ALL quads must have working tethers and nerf bars, no exceptions! 

·        Racers must attend the riders meeting 

·        You must be an SJO member to race 

·        Racers under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign a release. (Or a NOTARIZED note designating someone over the age of 18 to sign for the minor and stay with that minor for the duration of the race. 

·        All racers must wear a helmet, long sleeves and pants, eye protection, and some type of boots. 

·        No refunds once you have ridden the track 

·        MX scoring except in the case of qualifiers, then the main event is your overall position 

·        We reserve the right to combine classes, but they will be scored separately 

·        There must be two racers in a class to receive a trophy or payback 

·        Big wheel 85’s or 100’s must ride either the supermini or 125 class 

·        All 250 four strokes may ride a 125 or age group class 

·        Ages of riders are the age they are as of January 1st 

  • NOTE **   A rider must be 14 or older to ride a 201cc to 250cc motorcycle. A rider must be 16 or older to ride a 251cc or above motorcycle.

·        C riders are not allowed to do the stadium triple 

·        D riders are not allowed to double or triple jump 

·        Once you have won the D class 3 times you must move up to C 

·        You must race at least 8 races to qualify for year-end awards 

·        50cc classes are stock classes 

Bike Protests: Any racer can put up $300 plus $50 for each infringement they think is not legal on the bike. If the bike is found legal the owner gets the protest money minus $50 that SJO gets for tearing the bike down. If it is found to be illegal the protester gets all but $50, and the racer is disqualified and loses all of their series points. If the owner refuses to have the bike torn down they are disqualified for the remainder of the series and lose all of their series points. 

·        No pit racing or riding on the horse tracks (You will be eliminated with no refund) 

·        No Vulgar language will be tolerated toward the SJO workers 

For More Info Call: 


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