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We are proud to see that you are choosing to participate in our SJO events, especially if you have never raced before.


We strive to offer a family-oriented atmosphere. Always remember racing should be fun and should mean spending time with friends and family. We’ve made many friends at the races. We hope to share those experiences with you.


We have put in a lot of work to make the racing as fair and as much fun as possible.



Unless otherwise specified, this is the time schedule:

  • Sign up – 3 p.m.

  • Practice – 5 p.m.

  • Races – 7 p.m.


Day Races – Sign up – 1 p.m. Practice – 3 p.m.  Races –  5 p.m.


Early Day Races – Sign up – 9 a.m.  Practice –  11 a.m. Races – 1 p.m.


Cost: $25 per class


You must be an SJO member to race and that is a one-time $5 fee that is good for the entire season.

Riders under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at the track. (Your uncle, neighbor, friend’s dad is NOT your guardian!) The parent or legal guardian must come to registration with the rider and fill out paperwork and must stay at the track until the rider is done riding for the day. 

If your parent can’t come to the track, they can assign another adult as your guardian for the day (or weekend). Your parent must write a letter like this: 

I assign and authorize Jim Smith to be my son Bobby Johnson’s legal guardian on May 16 and 17, 2010 while he races and/or practices motocross at SJO Productions . In addition, I authorize Jim Smith to complete all necessary registration forms and sign as Bobby’s legal guardian, and I authorize Jim Smith to give emergency medical consent for Bobby if necessary. 

The letter must be notarized! It will not be accepted if it’s not notarized. This is an insurance requirement. We will not jeopardize our insurance by making exceptions. 



Gate and pit pass fees vary from fair to fair.

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